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Android 14 to add satellite communication support



Android 14 satellite connectivity

After the fruitful outcomes of Android 13, Google has started preparing itself for the tick-tacks of Android 14. No doubt, this time also we will find some dynamic changes on the upcoming interface core. Ultimately, this list of changes for Android 14 begins with the satellite communication feature.

Two days ago, the Senior Vice President of the Google Platform and Ecosystem – Hiroshi Lockheimer tweeted some information on his Twitter handle. Consequently, this tweet has given us an idea of what the company is planning for the next Android version.

Hiroshi stated that it’s time to provide users with the better benefits of the satellite. Now the company has started walking on the paths of satellite communication for Android 14 and will soon come up with worthwhile results.

Satellite communication?

Satellite communication generally plays a significant role in times of emergencies. For instance, if you get stuck in an inconvenient situation, then this feature will allow you to contact the helpful numbers immediately, even in network dead areas.

Besides, Elon Musk also reported that the satellite communication feature allows you thousands of voice calls or text messages depending on the length of the content. Hence, it would be a quite thoughtful addition to the upcoming Android OS.

So far, SpaceX and T-Mobile declared to bring the respective function on their smartphones. Seeing the huge approach for the satellite-oriented function the US manufacturer has also decided to jump into this field and bring reflective benefits to its consumers.

Though Google initiated the satellite-related work in 2008 with a 3G + WiFi function on HTC Dream/ T-Mobile G1). However, now it’s time to add some advanced technologies to the latest arriving software. Now it’s time to solely bring the Satellite Connections to users’ hands.

Google has confirmed Android 14 as the next version in their OS family. Things have started to run and make pace with time. Thus, we could see the next Android version in mid or late 2023.

Android 14 satellite connectivity


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