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Android 13 supports standard Bluetooth LE Audio



Android 13 Bluetooth LE Audio

Google has recently confirmed that Android 13 is nearing the date of launch. After getting fruitful results from four beta rollouts, the company is finally rubbing its hands to introduce the stable Android 13 with advanced features, and one of them will be the Bluetooth LE Audio.

The US manufacturer has already initiated the standard Bluetooth LE Audio feature with one of the Android 13 beta packages. However, at that moment, the respective feature was at the initial stage. But we can assume that the feature is all set and is well-finalized to land on the consumer devices with the official Android 13 release.

Bluetooth LE Audio Feature

Let me inform you that Bluetooth LE Audio is not just one feature, but a bundle of several implements. As for implementation, this function comprises better power efficiency, and finer audio quality. Moreover, it is capable to connect multiple devices with a single audio source.

Apart from these segments, the most significant change is the effectiveness. The mentioned feature uses the LC3 codec layout that enhances the way audio reaches the device. It makes the delivery of the audio much easier and smoother in comparison to previous Bluetooth features.

Android 13 Bluetooth LE Audio

On the flip side, there is one more Bluetooth LE Audio feature, known as Bluetooth SIG Auracast. Eventually, this tool permits multiple users to hear the same audio file in real-time with different devices. Further, it works according to the suitability of how users connect to a Wi-Fi network.

As mentioned in the above section, the feature was already present in the beta firmware of Android 13. But with the official launch that might take place somewhere in September this year, the company will bring on the Bluetooth LE Audio feature to more devices. Alongside, users will find numerous enhancements in the user interface and privacy section of the devices.

(Via – wccftech)

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