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Android 13 themed icons looks good



Android 13 themed icon

Android 13 is a gift for the users and its feature provides you with a layer of the surprise element. However, the themed icons are one of the biggest blockbusters of the year 2022 for Android users. As the feature so makes the first impression dramatic and bold.

The themed icons of Android 13 have so many elements in terms of different shapes, Visual effects, user theming, design adaptive icons, and more. Let’s brief on how it makes your device interface attractive.

  • Different shapes: It can show a squircle on one OEM phone while displaying a circle on another. In order for the system to generate all adaptive icons with the same shape, each device OEM is required to supply a mask.
  • Visual effects: A variety of exciting visual effects are displayed when users position or move an adaptable icon around the front display.
  • Users theming: The system uses the user’s selected wallpaper and theme to determine the tint color if the user has enabled themed app icons and the launcher supports this functionality.

Android 13 themed icon

Android 13 Themed icon:

Themed app icons are a choice beginning with Android 13. This feature tints app icons in the supported Android launchers to take on the color scheme of the user’s selected wallpaper and other themes.

Your app must supply both an adaptable icon and a monochromatic app icon in order to enable this functionality, and it must also point to the monochromatic app icon from the element in the description.

If you have enabled themed app icons and the launcher supports this feature, the system determines the tint color for the monochromatic app icon by comparing it to the color of the user’s selected wallpaper and theme.

In any of the below-mentioned circumstances, the themed app icon does not appear on the home screen, instead, the adaptive or regular app icon is displayed:
the user has enabled themed app icons, if your application doesn’t offer a single-color icon and launcher must allow themed app icons.

However, a themed icon improves the overall experience of your device the feature with tinted app icons supported launchers to inherit the coloring of users’ chosen wallpaper and other themes.

Just try this feature if you haven’t yet. And don’t forget to share your theme icons experience on your Android phone.

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