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Android 10 is the fastest rolled out Android version, used by over 400 million active users



Google today shared some insights into the software updates rollout that revolutionized over the past few years. The company also shared some information regarding the reach of Android 10 to global users.

According to Google, the adaptation of Android 10 has been faster than any previous version of Android. Android 10 was running on 100 million devices 5 months after launch, 28% faster compared to Android 9 Pie.

For this achievement, Google credited improvements such as Project Mainline in Android 10 and Projet Treble of Android Oreo (Android 8). These allow device manufacturers to create new updates faster and deploy them right away to the users.

According to the graph shared by Google, Android 10 currently serves 400 million monthly active users, which is quite huge.

Meanwhile, Google is preparing to launch Android 11 in the third quarter of this year and mentioned some of the new changes that’ll help it boost the Android adaptation even easier.


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