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AI large model parameters will develop to trillions: Huawei Chairman



Huawei AI Large Model

Huawei is one of the top brands in the technology market across the globe. The company knows well how to tackle with advanced problems and stand perpetually on the demands of the consumers. And seems like Huawei will propel the tech limits to some more extent by making the AI large model parameter score to trillions.

The latest information reveals that the Chairman of Huawei, Hu Houkun has recently attended the 5th Digital China Construction summit, held in Fuzhou. In this event, Hu made the operators realize how important digitization is for the evolution of technology.

He explains that the next wave of development in digital China will bring digitization to thousands of industries. However, this will require continuous cultivation of both quality and quantity of digital talent. Further, he states that huge digitization will also demand a good amount of data. And to collect this data, we require a better computing infrastructure.

Therefore, Huawei and other tech operators are trying hard to develop the AI large model parameter from billions to trillions in the next three years. In that way, the evolution and the penetration rate of intelligent computing would be able to cross 40%.

Huawei AI Large Model

Industry Software and Application Software are also important!

On the flip side, Houkun also states that industry software and application software are also equally important for economic growth. Currently, new mechanisms such as online collaborative design and digital twinning are the main requirements for industrial software. Ultimately, these elements will provide more firmness and bring the benefits of cloud computing to accelerate the software iteration and application maturity.

Additionally, the application software plays another vital role. Although, Huawei has released the HarmonyOS and Euler operating systems that have been the best support for the basic systems. Further, these interfaces are still working actively to establish an open-source software ecosystem.

Yet to achieve an industrial market full of digitization, the industries need to run their hands more speedily in terms of developing new strategies and innovative ideas.

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