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100000 AITO production, Huawei makes best cars with top companies



During the occasional of producing 100000 AITO cars, Huawei Executive director and smart car business chief, Yu Chengdong announced that Huawei makes the best cars with the top car companies.

Yu Chengdong gave the latest response to the statement that Huawei does not build cars. He further added an explanation to this context. Saying that Huawei provides smart driving solutions for car makers.

So, how can Huawei build cars on its own, it’s not a manufacturer. Therefore, Huawei only builds the best cars together with other car companies. Huawei suggests and delivers top car solutions for optimum performance.

100000 AITO Huawei best cars companies

Mr. Yu also emphasized that the cooperation between Huawei and AITO’s parent company SERES is long-term. There could be minor issues in the middle but both companies could sort it out with discussion based on business model.

Furthermore, the Huawei smart car chief reiterated that the quality of electric vehicles is improved by the AITO Wenjie brand. Therefore, the company has achieved both quality and people-to-people promotion.


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